Workshops & Courses


All workshops and courses are designed to help individuals, staff teams and organisations learn more about and ways to increase resilience, in order to deal with difficulties, adversity and change.

One of the key things about being resilient is knowing what to do for ourselves to ‘top up the tank’ of our own resources when things get tricky. Each participant has the opportunity to learn more about this aspect of self care in resilience building, to look closely at our own personal well-being habits and think about how to enhance them in a relaxed, fun, lighthearted, warm and friendly atmosphere.

The main aims of these workshops and courses are for you to:

  • Learn more about resilience, self care and ways to top up the tank towards lowering the possibility of overwhelm, high stress levels and illness.

  • Have some practical activities, tools and techniques to use in future, based on the following themes:

    • getting back in touch with your lighter/playful side

    • practicing being in the moment/mindfulness

    • connecting up to your innate wisdom/intuition

    • finding support from nature/environments

  • Leave the workshop feeling better than when you walked in, raised up in mood and energy, smiling, with some ideas and sense of possibility.

Formats available

Workshops can be tailored to suit your group, team or organisation depending on the needs of the individuals and what you are currently facing.

As a Coach, I can also provide a two part programme, where I provide one to one sessions to individuals in order to aid their leadership and performance, and a course or workshop for all.

Currently there are half day, one day workshops and a 6 session (once a week half day or evening) courses available depending on your requirements.

Stepping Towards Your Self, workshops and courses - COMING SOON!

Finding ways to boost your resilience and enhance self care, by listening to your inner knowing and follow what brings you joy.

Based on aspects of the work of life coach Theresa Sansome of Future Self Now.

This hugely positive and energy boosting workshop and course enables you to align, in a deeply practical and connected way, to your best self: who you really are. The work uses visualisation and energy raising techniques that tap into your inner compass and provides tools to empower you to energetically receive and attract your heartfelt desires.

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I provide talks on the following topics:

  • How Having More Fun Increases Resilience

  • Connection and Balance with Nature for a Better Quality of Life

  • Authentic and Creative Living


Walks & Wanders


I am currently setting up regular group walks/Wanders which specifically look at getting in touch with your intuition and identifying wisdom to receive from metaphors in the environment.

  • Monthly town based mindful wanders based on the work of an organisation called Street Wisdom. Check out their website for details. These walks are held from the Stroud Valley Artspace (SVA)

    THE NEXT WALK IS ON 08/06/2019. Book your free ticket on

    These will be around Stroud town in Gloucestershire and run for up to 3 hours. Saturday mornings once a month starting at 10am until 1pm.

  • COMING SOON! Coaching walks into greener environments. Contact nature directly and raise your energy. 

Having worked in one of the caring professions for many years, when I came across Anna as my supervisor, she was like a breath of fresh air.
She was always happy to listen and advise with a very friendly manner and sincere approach, even under difficult or stressful situations.
As I told her years later, she was ‘my best boss ever
— Good luck Anna with your new venture. Penny Warder. Retired Occupational Therapist