Life Connection Coaching

Strengthening your connections with yourself, others and the natural world. Your way.

I offer one to one coaching where we work together as a partnership so you can find your own clarity and direction. I help you to look at your situation from a new perspective, to expand your view, test out your intuition and to give you more courage. My role as a coach is to empower you to consider what’s important to you, what connections are most helpful right now and the next steps you will choose to make to move forward towards a more authentic and supercharged YOU.

Using coaching to address different areas of life my specialisms are:

  • Authenticity & Spiritual development (life direction and purpose)

  • Personal Development e.g. dealing with stress, building resilience, confidence and leadership

  • Family, Relationships

  • Health

  • Bereavement

Where we meet

Depending on your preference, sessions can take place where you live; out of doors; from one of my practice sites in and around Stroud, Gloucestershire: or over the phone/skype. I am also willing to travel further afield by arrangement.

The everyleaf coaching approach

I use a coaching style called co-active coaching during sessions which is in line with the International Coach Federation. For more details see Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page.

I also offer an experiential approach where an activity/environment is introduced and acts as a second coach/source of insight. This is something I am calling an Active Wisdom approach. The other environment/activity can provide more information via metaphors (wisdom) that are naturally gained by being in contact with them.

What we do

  • We can do standard 1:1 talking sessions seated indoors


  • You are able to choose activities (see below list) which you already find or could find personally meaningful and enjoyable to carry out during the coaching process. We can decide in partnership if you’re unsure what to choose.

  • Please contact me to discuss options as I am happy to consider alternatives. For instance do you dream of going back on roller skates? Or know you like sports like badminton or volleyball?

The current list of activities:

  • walks

  • gardening

  • nature appreciation/wildlife watching

  • forest bathing/mindful approaches to nature

  • photography (using your own camera/phone)

  • making land/environmental ephemeral art

  • sketching/drawing

  • crafting including things like sewing, jewellery making and collage

  • writing/mind mapping

  • movement/dance/improvisation

  • voice work/singing

  • simple yoga/stretching practice

  • mindfulness meditation/guided visualisation

  • cooking

  • board games and jigsaw puzzles

“They gave me the job! I wanted to thank you so much for the support at such a critical time. It made a significant difference.
— With appreciation, Helen

Current pricing for one-to-one sessions:

Initial Consultations

A free 30 minute initial phone conversation to discuss whether the work will suit your needs.

An initial follow up consultation of 90 minutes costing £65.00.

Follow up sessions are as follows:

One off sessions of an hour are £50.00

Block of 4 sessions £180 (saving 20.00) paid in advance.

Block of 6 sessions £255 (saving 45.00) paid in advance.

Typically coaching is booked in blocks as an ongoing service for as long as you feel is right for you.


Coaching by phone:

Cost £40.00 per one hour session.

I can offer sessions by phone once we have had an initial consultation face to face. By then we can have explored a way of working together so phone contact can be as effective as face to face.

*Please get in touch if you are on a low income, I have some spaces to provide a reduced rate.

Anna had such delightful, passionate energy and enthusiasm in our session together. She put me immediately in touch with the wonder-full, restorative, bountiful beauty of the natural world and our connection with all that is more than human.
— Madeleine Cardani. Psychotherapist, Equine Assisted Therapy Facilitator and co-founder of The Redhorse Foundation, Centre for Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning