About the work of everyleaf

Everyleaf is a blend – a particular blend of approaches, a best bits blend, a special recipe, like Fajita spice mix or something.

The work specialises in assisting you to:

  • build inner resilience through making ‘life connections’ *“um, what does that mean?”- see below

  • get to know your innate wisdom/intuition and what to do with it when you have it

  • be more mindfully in the moment to live everyday more fully

  • get back in touch with your playful side and have more fun

  • explore being creative and think outside of the box

  • improve your ability to balance life demands

  • have more meaning, purpose, joy and success in life

  • identify your own everyday superpowers for a super-charged YOU.

  • increase in confidence, wellbeing and quality of life

  • find your way towards your higher purpose – yes everyone has one, more than one!



The essential special ingredient in Anna’s blend of work is for you to have fun, laugh and find your playful side again.

It will involve looking at your current relationship to that side of yourself and yes there can be some actual play involved!

The energy and lightness that is raised can be transformative, there is a real lightness of being in the moment.

Anna helps you to exercise your funny bone and tap into your joy.

Explore your everyday superpowers and find your inner silly!



(the *’Life Connections’ bit)

Anna helps you identify your own ways to connect and which are the most meaningful connections to work on.

If you strengthen your life connections/relationships with the natural world/environment in ways which are meaningful to you the results can be really powerfully positive.

Your ‘natural habitat’ is pretty broad, it includes:

  • your own body including the tiny stuff inside it

  • your environments including social, home, immediate outdoors

  • other non human life including household pets, other domestic animals, wildlife and plants

  • your work environment

  • other human made environments

  • outdoor ‘green environments’ human influenced or wild

  • the solar system and universe

(see what she means about a pretty broad definition)

Each person responds to nature in their own ways and has a different version of what matters to them and how they wish to interact with nature and their environment.

Anna helps you to see what nature you need and respond to.



The work of everyleaf gives you chance to look at ways you can be more in touch with your creativity.

Creative living isn’t just about being arty or a writer, it’s about thinking creatively and doing what you enjoy and get fired up by.

Anna uses her background in the arts to help bring out that creativity in you.

Learning by experience. Taking the time to try things out. Playing.