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The work of everyleaf provides 1:1 life coaching and group opportunities for you to: explore your inner resilience; tap into your innate wisdom; find what makes you light up inside; dare to overcome your fears; experience creative living; and enable you to create momentum towards the happier life you really want. 



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I have had the privilege of both working with, and being mentored by, Anna Rae-Jones. Anna is an insightful, inspired and loving coach who knows how to get to the heart (in all senses of the word) of the matter at hand. I rely on Anna’s innate wisdom and deep listening to inspire me forward. I love the way she also blends her impressive knowledge of all-things horticultural with her compassion for what makes us human. I recommend Anna and her services wholeheartedly.
— Theresa Sansome. Coach and Facilitator, Future Self Now